You Can Diet with Wine?

A recent study reported on by The Independent could be the best news for dieters. The new study says that abstaining from drinking a bottle of wine could be bad for your health, which seems a bit odd to many of us because we have always heard alcohol is nothing but empty calories. However, it is said that the consumption of 10 units of alcohol is still healthy; which is typically a bottle of wine; and it is recommended over going back and forth between not drinking and heavily drinking.

Other claims say that regardless, wine is still a toxin and should be eliminated from your diet. Although, the benefits of some wine seem to outweigh the negative thoughts. For example, Red wines have less sugar and are rich in antioxidants. Wine is also proven to lengthen your life versus beer or liquor drinkers, reduce heart disease and risk of heart attack, reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes, lower the risk of stroke, cataracts, and colon cancer, as well as slowing the process of brain decline.

Most wines have about 100 calories for a 5oz. glass, however most research shows that drinking a glass a day can have more benefits than harm. The calories in wine are less than a beer but more than a mixed drink, although mixed drinks do not show that they have any healthy benefit. You could still have a glass of wine for less calories than a regular cola. There will continue to be research done on the subject, but for now most of it points to having that glass of Merlot at night.


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