Ten Great Food Information Blogs

The following ten blogs are great and I’d like to share with you how I hope they may influence my blog over the next few months.

  • Nature News Blog – This blog is great because not only does it include information on a lot of food studies going on right now but they are also reporting on a healthy life. I think this blog will influence mine because it will help me brainstorm the most important things going on right now.
  • NPR’s The Salt – This blog is really refreshing and has a lot of really great sources to jump off of. It is also overall a great read. I hope this blog will inspire a lot of topics for my future posts.
  • Food and Culture – The site includes a lot of research information that can be simplified down. This blog will give me a lot of good information to further investigate.
  • Food Politics – The blog is a easy read and also contains a lot of new information in the food world. I hope to gain a better understanding of the studies going on from this blog.
  • Brain Blogger – This blog doesn’t only have food information it also has a health driven focus. The blog will give me a good idea of how to combine food and health.
  • New York Times Well – This is another blog that is devoted to health and food. I hope to gain a better understanding of the way health and food studies can cross over one another.
  • Food and Water Watch – This site has good information on food studies and how they apply to the world around us. This will also give me a lot of good information to go off of.
  • FARE – This blog is mainly about food allergies. I hope to gain another perspective from this blog and be able to cover another viewpoint.
  • National Geographic’s The Plate – The blog has really great information and it is really easy to read and understand. I find it to be a really great read. I hope to gain a lot of good information from this blog, things I can further investigate.
  • Will Study for Food – The final blog is by a college student and offers a unique perspective into food. The blog gives a lot of good tips and new products. It is a great read.


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