Sustainable Eating

Recently in the news we have seen an increase in the sustainable food movement. The media is beginning to cover more of the food movements throughout the world. Everywhere you turn there is always someone talking about healthy eating or being able to sustain your own family.

Sustainable eating isn’t all about eating healthy it is being able to grow your own food in a economically sound way and in the most ethical way. The movement is sweeping the nation and a lot of cities are forming government boards to deal with the issue and using social media to encourage the city to embrace the movement.

This time of the year most people are working on keeping their New Years resolution, which often times involve losing weight or eating healthier. you can look all across social media and see people “pinning” or “sharing” new recipes. Without the edition of social media to our lives, I don’t think the movement would gain as much reach and the speed with which it travels.


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