Super Bowl 49 and Food

This past week two out of the ten blogs I am keeping up with were talking about the Super Bowl and food. They both took different approaches to how they presented the subject though. Food & Water Watch took a weird approach. They ended up talking about fracking instead of food. The title of the blog post led me to believe I was about to read about all the food consumed during the Super Bowl. They did well however because it got me to read it rather than just pass it up and move on to something else.

The second blog post I found was on National Geographic’s The Plate, and they are discussing what happens to the rest of the chicken for the Super Bowl. They say that the National Chicken Council estimates 1.25 billion wings would be eaten during the Super Bowl this year. they go on to say that the parts American’s don’t want are what we sell to other countries.

In 2011,  there was actually a trade war with China going on because China was demanding so much of our chicken product. Most of the meat going overseas is the dark meat because Americans primarily like white meat.

The whole country is watching this one game, the biggest game of the year sport wise. Everyone gets together to have parties centered  around food and even if they only watch the commercials, they still feel like they are a part of the celebration. The food, commercials, and the game are all over social media during and after the game, but also are the topic of discussion at the water cooler at work the next day.

I think that it is clever that two blogs took the same subject but went two very different ways on presenting the issue. I believe the best way to improve upon this topic would be to include the social media aspect of the game and food together.


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