Food Bowl Recap or was it the Super Bowl?

This week was one of the biggest sports events of the year, but along with the game it is also a huge day for food and social media. Billions of chicken wings were set to be consumed during the big game but news outlets were also getting in on the fun. HLN based out of Atlanta were hosting a Tailgate Sweepstakes and were giving recipes for the college play offs, as well as the  big game since early December.

Lots of Super Bowl parties revolve around the food and the commercials. You will see many people on social media just talking about watching the game for the commercials. One would think this wouldn’t relate to food much but many of the commercials are food driven. Food giants like Doritos and Budweiser gained a lot of social media attention and sat really well with viewers while some of the insurance and web site companies took big risks that didn’t pay off at all.

Social media also erupted over the weeks leading up to Super Bowl Sunday with recipes for game day dips and other foods. Celebrities like Martina McBride and Ree Drummond even got in on the food fun and posted their game day menus. Shows on Food Network were dedicated to nothing but Super Bowl food in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl. I think we now see why the Super Bowl is the biggest eating “holiday” next to Thanksgiving Day.


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