Breast Milk Donation

While this post may not fit the normal food blog post I feel it is something that is worthy of talking about as it is food for babies. In the last couple of years there have been women who pump their breast milk and either have so much saved up or continue to pump after they wean their child that they are able to help other women who may not be so fortunate. They simply freeze their breast milk and send it to women in need.

HLN’s Daily Share which is focused on the social media aspect of news media shared a story that has been trending all over social media today. A teenage mom knew she would not be able to take care of her child so she opted for a closed adoption. Even after the baby was born the teenager pumped her breast milk for months and was able to send it to her biological child. The parent’s are now using less of the breast milk so the teenager plans to donate the leftover breast milk to NICU babies. The National Milk Bank is the best way to donate breast milk and is then sent to families or hospitals that are in need.

The Daily Share has a very laid back approach to the news but is targeted toward the younger generations who ten to use the most social media. It is also a great place to find out other things going on in the food world but I thought with all the bad that seems to be going on in our world this incredible story needed to be shared across many platforms.

There are also Facebook pages devoted to breast milk trade and supplies.


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