Avocado: The Super Food

Avocados have long been a healthy food that many people swear by for weight loss and clean eating. It also has many different uses such as for beauty, cleaning, and just general eating. It has now come out that avocados are great for runners to not only fuel up on before a big race but to eat daily to give them energy, protect their heart, slim their waist, reduce inflammation, and be a boost of nutrients. However, they are just as good for everyone else as part of a balanced diet.

The avocado is a source of good fats and calories, one medium avocado has roughly 230 calories and 21 grams of fat with most of it coming from monounsaturated fat. Avocado keeps energy up offering loads of nutrients which is where they also get the boost of nutrients. These nutrients are also ones that fight inflammation which runners can experience during or after long training sessions or big races, or older adults may experience.

Avocado can also lower cholesterol and help trim the waist line which makes it a good to lower things like blood pressure making a positive impact on the heart. Avocados are so good for the body because the fat content is used to help the nutrients to absorb into the body.

So avocado really is a super food, and can be used for many different purposes and by all!


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