Activated Charcoal: Is it a health star?


Activated charcoal is what they pump into someone’s stomach who has ingested an poison into their body. So what use does it have other than that? According to Shape magazine, companies are adding the charcoal to their drinks to aid in digestion as well as to detox the body.

However, from an earlier post on Shape magazines online forum research leads them to believe activated charcoal will do just the opposite of helping with a healthy lifestyle.

Activated charcoals main use is in the emergency room to treat forms of oral poisoning before the poison can get to the small intestines where the poison would be absorbed into the body. The activated charcoal coats the small intestines allow the poison to pass through the body without absorption.

While these companies are trying to sell their drinks as a health food, there is no science to back it up yet. The drinks that have the activated charcoal in it are actually coating the inside of the small intestines and not allowing the healthy things in the drink to be absorbed. It would seem you are just putting a drink into your body to pass it through with not much health benefit at all.

There are some other uses for activated charcoal and it is said it can help with a hangover, so there would be some type of health cure for a night out on the town. It can also help whiten teeth when brushing with it. Some people believe on keeping it around the house for various things. This probably won’t be the last we will hear about activated charcoal as more research becomes available.


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