Table salt vs. Sea salt


There are so many different types of salts and seasonings on the market now days, but which ones are really healthy for you? One of the latest trends seems to be sea salt in everything, including some foods and other seasonings.

You can now see products in the grocery store that now have a label on them saying, “Now with sea salt”. Popcorns are being made with sea salt now instead of just regular table salt.

However, there isn’t a whole lot of difference between the two other than size, processing, and flavor. Table salt comes from being refined and having iodine added into it. The added iodine is essential for the human diet, so you wouldn’t be able to use only sea salt anyhow. Table salt also is a smaller granule and takes more to season your food, although the sodium content between the two are very similar.

Sea salt is made from evaporated sea water, and comes in much bigger chunks of salt. It can add a crunch and salt flavor to your food that regular table salt may not be able to. There are also may different types and flavor combinations for sea salt. Basically they have the same nutritional value and are similarly priced, it’s all up to your flavor pallet, but it is recommended to keep iodine in your diet. So even if you prefer sea salt, throw some table salt in occasionally and still keep an eye on your sodium intake.


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