Harmful pet food?

I’m sure by now most of you have heard about the lawsuit against Purina’s Beneful dog foods, but if you haven’t over 4,000 dogs are included in the lawsuit against the pet food giant.

A ingredient that is said to have been used in pet food for many years is said to be to blame. Propylene glycol is said to be the ingredient of concern, and is used as a component of antifreeze. However, the ingredient is approved for use in pet food by the FDA.

There have been countless pet owners come forward that after just one week of feed their pet Beneful their dog began falling ill.

This isn’t the first time Purina has come under fire. In the past 4 years over 3,000 complaints have been made about their food by pet owners. You can search the web and come across consumer forums devoted to Beneful food with thousands of listings.

Pet owners are now reaching out to Veterinarians to see what they should be feeding their four legged children, and while it seems the most naturally occurring food seem the best there are a lot of good options out there.

Having two fur babies myself I think I’ll be looking into the food debate a lot more and making possible changes to their diets. For more information on possible recalls of pet food or new information on pet foods you can visit the FDA’s website.


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