Fast food gets creative

It’s coming up on the anniversary of Taco Bell rolling out their new breakfast menu. March 27th, 2014 Taco Bell introduced their breakfast menu to mixed reviews. Although now you only hear good things, but the taco giant is about to up the competition with a new deep fried doughnut.

Taco Bell is getting ready to unveil a deep fried doughnut with a Cap’n Crunch berry coating and a sweet milky icing on the inside. Right now the doughnut is being tested at select stores in California, but if things go well it could be rolled out nationwide. If they go nationwide it is said that they would be sold 2 for $1 or $4.50 for a dozen.

Meanwhile, KFC is getting in on the new food wagon. The fried chicken company is testing a edible coffee cup. They would like to roll out the new product for their 50th anniversary. The cup is actually made of cookie and is being called the Scoff-ee cup. The cup is made of cookie wrapped in a sugar coating on the outside so it can be decorated and on the inside is a layer of heat resistant white chocolate to add flavor but also act as a insulator to keep the coffee hot and the outside of the cup cool.

The cups are being tested in the UK right now, but the hopes are that it is a zero waste cup and would push them one step above competition. The coffee cup comes on the very successful re-launch of their once popcorn chicken now rebranded as popcorn nuggets.

Social media is on a roll with both of the ideas. So far the responses seem to be pretty open to trying both of the new products. Hopefully we see them sometime in the near future. I don’t know about anyone else but I would try both of them!


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