Are we headed for less desserts?


The 29th annual “Eating Patterns in America” came out this past week and something shocking came from it. American’s are eating less dessert than ever before.

The “Eating Pattern” report comes from 5,000 consumers in 2,000 households, and the shocking take away from this years report was the lack of dessert being consumed. Roughly 12% of dinners eaten at home include a dessert, which is down almost 15% from 10 years ago and even more from the 1980’s.

Should you worry that your favorite sweet treat may be disappearing soon? Experts say no, that often times American’s are just trying to find a way to simplify their meals, and the easiest way to do that is drop dessert. While many fitness guru’s would like to say it all has to do with American’s wanting to be more present in their diet this simply is not the case. It is just quicker to for-go the dessert.

With life seeming so busy all the time now, because we are constantly on the go many families are switching over to try these one dish meals. The one dish meal has everything cooked in one pan together and makes it easy to transfer over to the dinner table, and that leaves no room for dessert or so one would think.

It has been my experience however, that more families eat dessert for parties, cook outs, and big dinners. I know that may family eats more dessert during the summer when we are more likely to work off the extra calories. However, between 2008-2012 people ate less cookies! Although these cookies were the prepackaged kind. We all know homemade cookies are so much better anyhow and easy to make!

I say happy eating whether it be dessert, cookies, or a salad!


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