Dunkin Donut is the latest to dump additives


Dunkin Donut is just the latest company to get rid of an additive used in powdered sugar for their donut holes.Titanium dioxide is the additive that will be ditched soon. The additive is most commonly used as a food coloring aid. Dunkin Donuts uses it for the whiteness of their powdered sugar to dust the donuts in.

Titanium dioxide is supposed to be used as a nanoparticle, but Dunkin Donut says that how they used it does not meet the standards for a FDA approved nanoparticle. McDonald’s released this week that they too are reformulating a favorite menu item this week, and Subway also removed a chemical from their breads last year.

In the ever changing world of food their is a push for healthier living and eating. Companies are playing their part in this movement.


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