Risks of diet soda

diet sodaOver the last few years news reports have gone back and forth about whether you should drink diet sodas or if they are worse for you than drinking their full sugar counterparts. The topic has come up again this week in the news with doctors and health officials saying that it contributes to belly fat.

There is scientific evidence to go with the claims saying that people who drank just ONE diet soda a day had  an increase in belly fat over several years and also had more health problems than those who didn’t drink soda at all. It is believed that some of the artificial sweeteners used in diet soda changes the composition of gut bacteria which could result into an increase in belly fat.

Aspartame a common artificial sweetener used in diet soda has also been linked to things like cancer and depression. However, aspartame is also said to have a habit forming effect on people who consume it. There is also a risk of having additional belly fat such as heart problems, high blood pressure, stroke, and larger risk of diabetes.

The best way to avoid belly fat and the addicting artificial sweeteners are to just drink water, because even regular sodas don’t have the best record for being anywhere near healthy as it can be used to clean.


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