Are cooking shows making us fat?

cooking show

There are channels devoted to all day food programming while big networks like ABC and FOX are getting in on the food show craze. It seems that any time of the day it is possible to find some kind of food programming.

While it is helpful for the busy man or woman to learn Rachael Ray’s  30 minute meals it could be making us heavier says a new study from Cornell University. The study followed 500 women between 20-30 and asked them to report their cooking and eating habits while watching cooking shows.

Now we aren’t talking a lot of weight but the women in the study varied roughly 11 pounds from those who did watch the shows and cooked from scratch to those who didn’t watch and didn’t’ cook from scratch.

I know when I watch a show like Diner, Drive ins, and Dives I always get hungry because the food always looks so good and I am more prone to snacking. Triple D in particular could be adding to your waistline because they feature foods that are over the top. Recipes by Paula Dean are also filled with lots of butter, cream, and fattening ingredients.

ABC is getting in on the food shows too with The Chew, but it is not solely focused on food. Fox has Hell’s Kitchen which features master chef Gordon Ramsey. The network shows are less about the food and more about the conversation and the drama. Food Network and The Cooking Channel are almost exclusively food.

While it’s not a huge difference it would be something worth looking into. Reports have always said we should try to eat as naturally as possible but this study is sounding like pre packaged food may not be the worst thing to eat.


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