Fast food bans: Do they work?

Recently in the news there have been a lot of talk about fast food bans to help curb obesity, however that simply didn’t work for South Los Angeles. The ban started in 2008, but ultimately failed. The city was trying to ban these foods from the affluent parts of town, but weren’t worried about the economically depressed portions of town. Even though the ban was put into place a study released by RAND corporation revealed that the ban did nothing to slow the reach of obesity or fast food consumption.

There are several reasons a fast food ban wouldn’t work, and towns are starting to see that. Most towns have fewer fast food restaurants per capita than people actually believe. Getting rid of fast food joints all together would hurt any economy because it is a part of the shopping culture. Look at any mall, there are at least 2 restaurants in them. Instead of banning restaurants there needs to be encouragement for people to eat healthier or the fast food joints to offer some healthier options.

The fast food ban debate is sure to go on as people are pretty evenly divided on the issue.


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