Food company mergers


This week food giants Heinz and Kraft combined their individual companies to create a mega company. However, they still aren’t the largest company in the United States. The merger only makes them the third largest company in America and the fifth largest of it’s kind in the world.

Warren Buffet who acquired Heinz a few years ago organized the merger of the two food giants. They will operate under the new name of Kraft Heinz and are expected to pull in over $28 million a year. The two companies will operate out of Chicago and Pittsburgh as they always have.

However, some critics are saying the best thing to do is change Kraft products around because there is less of a need for bottled cheese because young adults are more worried about the type of ingredients used to keep the cheese good for years and years. The easiest way for Kraft to still stay a giant while combined with Heinz is to: create healthier foods, use combining to their advantage, combine the brands, expand some of their product lines, appeal to the millennial, and create mini brands within the company.

In the coming months we will see if this was a smart merger, and how they work out all the kinks of the combination. Until then, we’ll just pretend everything is fine and hold hands.

happy merger


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