Baseball food is being knocked out of the park!

It seems like every baseball season the first thing we hear about isn’t the team or how they are expected to do during the season, it’s almost always the newest out of control food various parks have added to their menu. This year certainly hasn’t disappointed in that regard.

In 2014, there were some crazy things rolled out on park menus. There was a 3lb banana split, the fan vs. food burger, and even gourmet meals like a sausage wrapped in a pretzel roll and then loaded with crab dip.

So far this season the Philadelphia Phillies, Pittsburgh Pirates, and Wilmington Blue Rocks have advertised their new menu additions.

First was the Wilmington Blue Rocks who this year have rolled out a Krispy Krème Bacon Donut Hotdog. While they are a minor league team they have really attracted a lot of attention with the dog. Many people say they will go to the game just to taste the sweet meal. It first starts with a Krispy Krème donut with glaze as a bun, stuffed with a ballpark hotdog and raspberry jelly, and then topped with a mound of bacon. The Arizona Diamondbacks also have their own sweet dog, it is called the Churro dog. The Churro dog has the hot dog replaced with a churro and is topped with frozen yogurt, whipped crème, and chocolate syrup.

Next, the Philadephia Phillies came out with their giant burger the Wayback Triple Triple. The burger is one bun, 9 burger patties, 9 slices of cheese, a slice of tomato, and a piece of lettuce. The burger is said to be 2,200 calories, 139 grams of fat, and 187 grams of protein. It will be sure to attract some traffic for them.

Lastly, the Pittsburgh Pirates have released several addition to their already vast ballpark menu They have added a Cuban Pretzel Dog, a hotdog topped with diced ham, house smoked pork, mustard, and homemade pickles. They have also added a grinder burger and a cheesesteak.

However, Pittsburgh is the only one at this point who has added a gourmet selection. They gourmet selection is to be made by local chefs. They are also adding a large dessert selection to their offerings, such as a 6in slice of red velvet cake.

Summer is sure to be fun with all the offerings at baseball parks. The only down fall is hopefully your ready to work it off on a gym session, and have the money to buy the items while some of them are kind of pricey.


One thought on “Baseball food is being knocked out of the park!

  1. I’m in love with this haha! I love baseball, but feel like I’m constantly defending the slow-moving style of the game. One of my favorite arguments is that you get to eat your way through 9 innings! It’s perfect! I love to see how each stadium puts its own spin on its food. The O’s are my favorite example of this. Old Bay EVERYTHING! The scent always takes me back to Camden Yards. I’ve also been reading a lot recently about stadiums working to offer lots of gluten free and vegetarian options as well. I’m looking forward to seeing all the new and creative things that come from that.


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