Flights with Free Alcohol?

This week it was announced that United Airlines would bring back free beer, wine, and liquor after several others already offer it. When you first hear the headline it doesn’t tell you that it’s only for long haul international flights. United has had consistently low ratings compared to other airlines. They think that offering the same thing as some of their competitors will launch them back into the running for competition.

planes 3

This change will happen on June 1st of this year. Along with the alcohol they will start offering better food. United describes it as a “hearty three course meal”, but you can also still buy their regular snacks. The alcohol and upgraded meal will both be complimentary however.


When airlines serve complimentary alcohol though people often don’t know when to stop, and I can think of nothing worse than someone on a long flight that you then have to listen to for hours on end. Not to mention that it can cause danger for themselves, other passengers, and the crew. The airlines are trying to get stronger guidelines to where people who make a ruckus can be arrested in the place in which they land.

planes 2

United offers a wide selection of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages, and it seems they are already free with premium tickets, but the new rule will even include economy tickets.


The one thing everyone is wondering though is will airline ticket prices go up in order to cover the complimentary meal and drinks, and my best guess is you can almost guarantee it!


2 thoughts on “Flights with Free Alcohol?

  1. This was a pretty interesting post, that made me laugh. The entire time I was reading your post, all I could think about was the song “Drunk on a Plane”. I honestly don’t see how they can do this, because there WILL be those people who are going to take advantage of the free alcohol, and honestly, why wouldn’t they? It’s free. You offer someone free alcohol, they are going to keep asking for more, if that’s there style. I definitely think the idea of having the capability of having them arrested at the area where they land is a smart idea, because those people who are going to take advantage of it will most likely cause a ruckus too. I think it’s a cool idea, and believe me, I’m not complaining, but I also think it’s the stupidest idea ever, and if I were the one making those decisions for an airline, I would never allow something like this to occur.


  2. I think many people are quite surprised when they first see the headline to this story, but then once you read into the details you realize that this is for international flights only and United is actually late on jumping into this. I myself would love a free drink during a long flight, but it seems as though people are definitely going to take advantage of this offer for the worst. I can only imagine the number of plane horror stories that are going to amount from this.


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