My name is Carley Posey. I am a senior Broadcast news major and Sports Communication minor at the Reed College of Media at West Virginia University. I plan to graduate in May 2015. I created this blog as a part of my Journalism 430 class. I chose to do a food blog because it combines my two passions of food and journalism. If I had not went to school for journalism I would have become a classically trained chef.

This blog will be dedicated to a love of food and the advancements being made in the food world. I plan to explore new trends, technology, and studies going on in the food world. The media does a lot with food studies and I want to explore the relationship between food, studies, and media influence. I want to help people find the newest things going on in the food world, because I feel food is something that a lot of families gather around. It is a focal point of life and I think it is important to have as much up to date information on food as you possibly can.

You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, or you can also check out my WordPress site.

Check back in the coming weeks for new blogs being posted to Food for the Future.


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